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What I can say is I stopped using my Doctor Prescribed Rx of Diclofenac Sodium Topical Gel,(1%) on the 15th and started with your Balm … Your product is every bit as effective, if not more so, than the Rx.

E. Mathias, Ulmer, SC

Turtle Balm provides great relief from the sciatica I have struggled with over the past year.

D. Porter, Salisbury, NC

I was given Turtle Balm to sooth pain in my ankle and knee from muscle strain. It worked well.  But, I went overboard and used it in my skin that was affected by psoriasis. Wow! Did it do magic there as well.  The smoothing of the rough skin and itch relief was wonderful. 

H. Geddes, Chestertown, MD

During 8 weeks of radiation treatments I had no radiation burns.  It was a source of conversation at AAMC DeCesaris Center.

G. Barrow, Chestertown, MD