Manokin Medicinal Brings Native Wellness to CBD Market

Manokin Medicinal Brings Native Wellness to CBD Market

Manokin Medicinal Turtle Balm

Manokin Medicinal LLC recently made its debut on the Maryland Delmarva CBD arena introducing its line of Turtle Balm™ products with an online store and a sampling/on-sale program at retailer Riverside Unique in Chestertown, Maryland.

The company is not new to the CBD industry scene and has been quietly studying CBD processing and product trends over the last 5 years to create a successful brand platform for their intro to market.

“Our goal was to perfect a proprietary blend of essential oils based on the recipe notes we found in my grandmother’s cookbook. She apparently did a lot of mixing trials before she found what worked for her liniments,” according to Karen Kemp-Docksteader, Owner Manokin Medicinal.

A hands-on crafting of CBD Wellness Products is a priority at Manokin Medicinal which takes further inspiration from Native American wellness traditions. One of these traditions is an integral use of herbs in Manokin Medicinal CBD products. Native healers viewed herbs as one means to bring back balance for an individual with respect to their emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions as well as with the physical. Organic, responsibly-grown hemp is used in Manokin Medicinal products and various balms strengths and applications are developed by integrating the physical and spiritual properties of herbs.

According to her research, Kemp-Docksteader learned that the spiritual connection the healer had with plants was of great importance in the power of their healing. “I try and stay close to the herbs and plants we use in our products by smelling them as much as possible and pressing them on my muscles. I hope this closeness to my ingredients combined with my many years in the horticultural industry qualifies me to offer plant powerful pain relief.”